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Bill would allow for veterans to obtain CDL's where they are stationed

Posted by Genie Wood on Wed, Oct 03, 2012 @ 04:10 AM

As it is currently stated, military service members are only able to obtain a commercial drivers license, CDL, where their permanent place of resident is, rather than where they are stationed. With the passing of a new bill, that will soon change.

The Military Commercial Drivers License Act of 2012 was proposed as a way to have more experienced truck drivers on the road supporting the progress of the American economy. This bill would enable military veterans to apply for the CDL where they are stationed, making it more convenient for them to transition into an employed position outside of the military.

The bill was passed by the House and the Senate. The trucking industry will extremely benefit from the passing of this bill, as it will allow military veterans who have experience operating large commercial trucks to join the industry.

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