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New program will help teens safely drive near large trucks

Posted by Genie Wood on Tue, Apr 24, 2012 @ 08:10 AM

A new program, entitled Trucking Mentors, has been developed by Trucker Buddy International. This program was designed to help high school students learn about safety factors when driving near large trucks on major roadways.

The composition of the Trucking Mentors program will involve pairing a professional truck driver with a high school that is either along their driving route, or local to the driver's main location. The driver will visit the school up to twice a year in order to talk about the safety issues associated with driving near large trucks, and to also promote a positive image of the professional trucking industry.

No charge will be connected to the program, and any truck driver can apply to be a Trucking Mentor. All potential candidates will have to undergo background checks before being allowed into the program.

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