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Federal law regarding handheld cellphone use and the trucking industry

Posted by Genie Wood on Thu, Apr 19, 2012 @ 03:07 AM

A new federal law recently went into effect on January 3, and targets commercial truck drivers and handheld cellphone use. The law bans the use of cellphones for truck drivers if they are of the handheld variety. The liabilities surrounding the use of cellphones is what triggered the passing of this law.

Car accidents involving trucks can be extremely hazardous, and often times fatal. The month of April is dedicated to distracted driving awareness, and cellphone use tops the list of deadly distractions. In 2009, distracted driving led to 5,474 deaths and more than 400,000 injuries throughout the United States.

If a truck driver is pulled over for operating a cellphone while driving, they will be handed a fine for $2,750. If a truck driver breaks this law on more than one occasion, they face the removal of their commercial trucking license. The U.S. Government believes that if more drivers are informed of the deadly consequences of distracted driving, then fatal accidents in America could potentially decrease.

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