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Transportation's Net Gains Despite Subdivision Losses

Posted by Genie Wood on Thu, Apr 16, 2015 @ 07:17 AM

While the transportation industry saw an increase in employment numbers over the past year, subdivisions of the industry experienced notable job losses.

This past March, the transportation industry added a total of 9,500 jobs. This gain is half of February's, which saw the most trucking jobs added in the past year. Furthermore, certain sectors of the industry, including “support activities for transportation” and “transit and ground passenger transportation,” had employment gains of 8,400 and 3,500 jobs, respectively. 

However, despite these positive gains, sectors like “trucking transportation” and “scenic and sightseeing transportation” experienced job losses. The trucking transportation subdivision lost 6,800 employees this March, while scenic and sight seeing transportation lost 500. For trucking transportation, this is the largest loss in two years. 

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