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Trucking companies seek ways to keep employees, including raising pay

Posted by Genie Wood on Tue, Jun 30, 2015 @ 10:51 AM

As it becomes increasingly difficult to keep truck drivers, companies have begun to raise the pay for drivers by the mile. The trucking industry has experienced a large shortage in drivers recently, and is looking to secure their current drivers by making this move. However, many in the trucking business are asking for more. Some insist on raising the maximum speed for a truck driver as well as offering a guaranteed hourly wage, rather than offering payment by the mile.

With all these changes, large trucking company Transport America says they are “invested in their drivers' careers as much as they are.” This is why companies, like Transport America, across the nation continue to raise trucker salaries. However, the exact "best" way to increase truckers' pay is still under debate. 

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